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Welcome to my site!

My name is Roshan Narayan and I am currently a freshman in the University of Michigan College of Engineering, where I will be pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My hometown is San Jose, California, and I recently graduated from Bellarmine College Preparatory.

Research at Crowds + Machines Lab at UM

I am currently an undergraduate researcher in the Crowds + Machines Lab at the University of Michigan. Led by Professor Walter Lasecki, CroMa Lab strives to integrate human and machine computing in order to solve a variety of problems. For more information, check out the CroMa Website

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Michigan Izzat

Upon entering college, I joined Michigan Izzat, UM's all-male Bollywood Fusion dance team. We are a group of about 30 dancers who compete nationally across the United States with the hopes of qualifying and potentially winning the Bollywood Fusion national championships (Bollywood America and Legends) at the end of year. Given that fusion dance combines a number of different styles, including hip hop, bhangra, and Bollywood dancing, learning to perform with the team has been a challenging albeit rewarding experience.

2016-2017 Competitions:
Nasha: 1/28/17
A-Town Showdown: 2/4/17
Tufaan: 3/18/17

Photo of Michigan Izzat 2016-2017
Michigan Izzat 2016-2017
Michigan Izzat Facebook Page

Indian Student Coalition at Bellarmine College Preparatory

At BCP, I served as the President of the Indian Student Coalitions and organized a sold out cultural Bollywood dance show, Nazaara, for two years. In this experience, I learned valuable lessons about working with others and managing a project, from communication, to time management, to inspiring others, and showing leadership. We were able to generate over 9 thousand dollars in cash over those two years that supported a foundation known as OSAAT, which builds schools for impoverished children in rural India. But more than all of this, it was an opportunity for me to act and dance in front of a crowd of wonderful people, and meet tons of friends in the process.

Photo of ND/Bell Zamana in Nazaara 2016
ND/Bell Zamana in Nazaara 2016
Photo of ND/Bell Zamana in Nazaara 2016
ND/Bell Zamana in Nazaara 2016
Nazaara 2015 Highlights
Notre-Dame and Bellarmine Zamana at Nazaara 2016


A couple of my middle school friends and I competed each year in an Evergreen Film Festival, where we presented short films we had created. We were nominated in categories of Best Documentary, Best Original Film, and Best Instructional Video, and took first place in both Documentary and Original Film. Shown below are our 2nd and 3rd year films.